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 4.9 Stars Overall

 Posted by Steve D

Always great.

 Posted by Orlando C

Adeeellll!!! It's your brutha-from-anutha-mutha, bro!!! Adeel and his whole team are outstanding. I've been with them for so, so many years through several different automobiles. Discovering him came from high ratings through Yelp so long ago and nothing's changed: ABM Auto Service is honest and very proactive and preemptive. We are proactive in hunting down potential problems with the car and resolve them. We preemptively make moves to also ensure future developments are addressed. If Adeel knows that your car is about to encounter something in x-amount of miles from now, your account profile with AMB Auto Service will have that notated in your account for later review in the future. This gives empowers the customer to project possible deteriorations down the line and begin to plan in advance. I LOVE this. AMB Auto Service is outstanding and they are certified under so many certifications....and they are Hybrid experts, too. Awesome. -Orlando

 Posted by Alan M

Quick service, reasonably priced repairing a rear brake light shield.

 Posted by Thomas H

This was my second visit to ABM for coolant related issues. A few weeks ago my heat went out and they replaced a part of the system (heater return valve?) Anyway they got the heat working but then two weeks later I got an alert while I was driving so I brought it back in. This time it was a questionable coolant pump for the hybrid battery. I had them replace it. When I picked it up the heat was on high, which told me that they were making sure that all the recent repairs were good. Since these two issues were resolved I've seen improved mpg. I think they did a great job!

 Posted by Alison A

Adeel and his crew are always fabulous - complete, considerate, thorough, fast.

 Posted by Dolly L

Excellent job and excellent customer service

 Posted by Linda Z

Excellent service, reasonable prices.

 Posted by Aslam G

Honest and reliable guidance to the customer. Friendly environment and reasonable charges.

 Posted by Isaac C

Excellent service as always. Honest, good work every time. Great communication and quick too. This is why I keep coming back after 6 years of doing business with ABM

 Posted by Linda Z

Let me know exactly what the problem was and gave me a reasonable quote. Had my car back the same day. Good COVID protocols. I will use them again.


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